Compile WordPress from Source on Google Cloud virtual Linux Machine


  • On a remote machine (Google Cloud VM instance)
  • Use basic scripts to create and destroy systems quickly and easily
  • Without using VVV (I have not got it to work in this environment)
    • We may be able to use VVV scripts to learn what to do
  • Be able to work on WordPress Core
    • Compile code to WordPress
    • Run Unit Tests
    • Check Changes

Install Subversion
# apt-get install subversion
Install Node.js
# apt-get install node.js
Install NPM
# apt-get install npm
# npm update -g npm
Install Grunt CLI
# npm install -g grunt-cli

Here is some info on how it is done from WordPress Core.

Install using Subversion and command line.

Creating a WordPress site using SVN

Another idea

E2E (End to End Testing ) using Docker

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